7 Critical Differences About Replacement Windows

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We are sure you have seen the “All Windows $69” or “10 Windows for $499” ads.

With so many companies advertising replacement windows at these prices, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that all replacement windows are pretty much the same.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

And since we’ve installed over 50,000 windows (and counting) plus sliding patio doors and steel entry doors, we are confident we know what we are talking about.

Here are Just 7 of the Critical Differences between the $69 Bargain Window and a Kelemer Replacement Window.

7 Critical Differences Kelemer Brothers Windows Bargain Windows

1. Strength of Frame

Our Window has a D.P. 50 frame (Design Pressure)

The majority of windows on the market are only D.P. 35 (that is a 42% difference). Simply put, the higher the number, the better the quality of the frame. A lower value means a thinner, cheaper frame.

2. No Holes

There aren’t any “weep holes” drilled into our Double-hung windows

TA Cheaper frame and the vinyl is not thick enough to handle water drainage properly. So manufacturers drill internal drains or “weep holes” – in the corners of your windows to help them drain AND to let in cold air in winter and warm air in summer.

3. Strength of Window

Our windows come with Double Strength Glass or Triple-Pane Glass PLUS our Lifetime Breakage Warranty

The majority of windows are just single strength double pane glass and NO Breakage Warranty.

4. Quiets Outside Noise

Our Double Strength Glass or Triple-Pane Glass keeps your home a lot quieter. It keeps out more noise.

If you don’t mind road noise or noisy neighbors these windows will work.

5. Keeps Cold Out

Our windows come with the Dura Seal Warm Edge Spacer. This is what separates the panes of glass. Many manufacturers are still using a metal piece commonly known as a PPG intercept. Metal attracts cold because it is a “conductor”.

These windows use metal spaces that attract and hold the cold. If you ever stuck your tongue on a metal pole you know what I mean! What you really want is an “insulator” to keep the cold out. Dura seal does that much better than the PPG Intercept.

6. Strength of Locking Rail

Our windows come with metal reinforced lock rails at the center of the window. This place the strength at the locking portion of the window, where it is needed the most

They don’t have this.

7. Reinforced Locks and Keepers

Our locks and keepers are chiseled into the frame of the window and reinforced on all sides. This provides added security and better resistance to stress.

These locks are held in place by just two screws making them easy to force open.

And that is just the beginning.

If you want to get a window that will keep the cold air out in winter and the heat out in the summer then please use the form below or simply call us for a no hassle, no pressure appointment.

Josef or Gabriel Kelemer personally handle each sales call. You won’t have to worry about a sales person giving you a 2-hour high pressure call.

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