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There is a lot of talk today about cause marketing, which means taking on worthwhile causes and letting your customers, and the public at large, know about it…and how a percentage of their purchases will benefit others. It’s a marvelous way for business owners to connect with their customers. They are sharing a strong core belief, while doing something charitable.

I take a slightly different approach, which I call cause businessing… for lack of a better title. What it means to me is to simply incorporate the same idea of giving to others into our daily business activities. Cause Businessing is your course of action on a day-to–day basis. It’s also about making people around you, from customers to employees, feel special all the time. And, mark my words; people will remember how you make them feel.

It’s not about rewards or awards

We probably give about 5% of our profits to improve local education and to community opportunities, it’s just part of what we do, and we’re not looking for rewards or awards for our efforts. For me, I guess it’s just part of my makeup. It’s like being a volunteer fire fighter, which I do because it lets me give something back to a community that I care about.

I like to think that what I do for other people is what I believe they would do for me. For example, there is an elderly client that calls from time to time because she’s too short to open or close her top windows. So, I go to her house to help her, and she’s always so grateful. Then, reaching for her purse, she’ll say, “wait a minute, I want to give you something.” I’ll tell her that she has already given me something. Her smile is her payment, and I leave with a smile too.

So, am I now “marketing” what we do? Sort of, but it’s to make the point that you can do whatever is in your heart, on a day to day basis, whether it’s specifically called cause marketing, cause businessing or business as usual.

Windows to Your World

What’s also interesting, and perhaps ironic, is that we sell windows, which are the gateway to the outside world. Windows allow you to see the beauty of sunlight, the flowers in nature, the smiles on the faces of young children and the proud parents of graduates wearing their caps and gowns as they return from the graduation ceremony. Windows also let you see the dark skies before an impending storm, the leaves falling to the ground as summer turns to fall, the sadness of people who have experienced a loss, and the faces of people in need.

You can put up blinds or curtains or shades to block out the world, but the happiness and the sorrow will still be there, outside your window. By watching the world, you have the opportunity to share the joy, reflect during the sadness and reach out and embrace those who need your love and attention.

Joe Kelemer

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