What Does Value Mean to You?

11How much? It’s one of the shortest, but most commonly asked, questions in business transactions. As consumers, it is ingrained in us, to look at prices, search for good deals, and ask for quotes. After all, there is a tremendous emphasis placed on the bottom line. Truth is, however, that we very often focus on this little two word question because of an unspoken fear we all have as consumers…fear of making a bad decision and losing money. In our business, nobody wants to invest in windows and make a bad decision, causing their investment to “go out the window.”

Yet, when it comes to making purchases, there are better solutions then just getting multiple estimates. If it was only about getting the lowest price, there would be no luxury automobiles, Rolex watches or even fine dining establishments. What most of us are really seeking is the best value, and that value is best defined by you, the consumer. It’s not just about money, it’s about what matters most to you. What is it that you want? What meets your needs? What gives you a feeling of satisfaction? Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is value.

If for example, someone is buying a car, the value may be dependability, because it’s their only means of to getting to and from work each day, or the value may be about safety because their children will very often be riding in the car. It could be about comfort and leg room if you’re 6’4,” or about style and elegance if you are trying to impress wealthy clients. The point is, value is predicated on many things, including the availability of mechanics to make repairs, a good warranty, excellent customer service and so forth. And these should be inherent values, not “added” values for more money.

The Value of Replacement Windows

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses will lowball you to get a foot in the front door – playing on your fear of overspending.  While we will offer competitive pricing, we do not want you to focus on price alone. There is so much more to a value proposition. There are so many factors including; the level of care and craftsmanship, quality of the product, consistency (in products and service), the interaction with the company and the sales representatives, the accessibility of service and repairs, and so forth. What about your specific reasons for buying replacement windows in the first place?

When we meet clients, it is up to us to start a conversation in order to determine not only what they really want, and what need, but to able to guide people based on our years of experience. For example, it may be very sunny on one side of the house. Maybe an additive to the glass (which will keep it cooler) would be of value so the home owners won’t need to use their air conditioning as often. The point is, we will listen to find out what a customer wants, empathize with their needs, and help create a value proposition that works for them. To do so, we’ve even put together a checklist to make sure we ask the right questions.

The process is important, and the real value to a customer means so much more than, “how much?”



Joe Kelemer

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