Do You Have a Good Reason to get Replacement Windows?

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December 9, 2015
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If, like most people, you are working hard for your money, you certainly know that balancing your income and expenses is so important today in an economy that’s still rebounding from the downfall of 2008. And since you cannot simply decide to earn more money unless your boss agrees to give you a raise or bonus, it’s essential that you are efficient when it comes to spending.

Today, you need to make smart choices and have solid reasons behind your purchases, especially the major ones. For example, we decide it’s time to purchase a new car when repair bills for the current one are higher than the value of the car itself, or when the car is so worn out that valet parking attendants are afraid to drive it. Likewise, we may start looking for a new home when the family has outgrown the old one, the neighborhood is getting too crowded or the market is particularly good for selling. It’s all about having good reasons to make major purchases.

 So, what are some good reasons to buy replacement  windows?

There are many such reasons you might consider replacement windows, but here are some of the most significant, ones we have heard many times over the years:

  1. 1. Avoiding the elements: If warm or cold weather is impacting the temperature in your home, you can always adjust your thermostat, but such adjustments should be minimal. You should not need to wear a Parker in your living room. The more heat or cold that is coming in from your windows, the more money you are spending on heating and cooling your home. And, if water is leaking in, or condensation is forming on the inside of your windows, you should definitely act quickly. The latest in double paned windows will keep the weather outside where it belongs.

  3. 2. Functionality: Besides enjoying the view, your windows should be functional. I’m sure you’ve heard friends or neighbors say, “don’t even try to open that one, it’s been stuck forever.” Windows should not be stuck. They should be easy to open, easy to close and easy to lock. Besides letting fresh air in, windows can also be a means of escape should there be a fire or other type of home emergency. Plus, in order to keep windows clean, it helps considerably to be able to open and close them. Conversely, if your windows do not stay closed or the locks do not work, you have good reason to consider new windows before a local bugler figures out how easy it is to get into your home.

  5. 3. Peace and quiet: From your neighbor’s lawnmower to a late night car alarm to the Journey cover band practicing in your neighbor’s garage, you really don’t need to hear the sounds of your neighborhood at all hours. Enjoying some peace and quiet is a very reason why people opt for new replacement windows.

  7. 4. Enhance Your Asset: Your home is among your greatest assets. So, with that in mind, and the possibility of selling at some point in time, brand new windows, like hardwood floors and new kitchen appliances, will raise the value of your home. Plus, new windows can also boost the curb appeal. The many styles and shapes of today’s replacement windows can provide a lot of design options that will make your home stand out, and considering how much our houses say about who we are, it’s nice to have a house you can take pride in, both inside and out.

These are a few of the most common reasons why people choose to replace their windows. Don’t wait for your neighbor’s kid to accidently fire a fastball into your living room before opting for replacement windows. Instead, consider the reasons above. If any, or all, of them strike a nerve, you should seriously consider replacement windows.

Thank you – Josef Kelemer

Kelemer Brothers

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