Being a Savvy Customer

It’s funny how many classes, lectures, seminars and webinars there are devoted to the art of making the sale. Teaching people to sell, and then rewarding the top sales people at dinners, banquets and annual conventions, is part of the sales game.

But What About Customers?

Why is it that we don’t have classes, seminars and training classes for customers? There simply aren’t many lectures or webinars on how to make the right purchase. And where are the awards for savvy consumers who didn’t get ripped off or overcharged?

  1. How about an Assumption Award for the customer who didn’t assume that a fast talking sales person knew what he or she was talking about when they rambled on about the great deal they could offer?

  3. What about the Three Award for people who talked to three companies, asked for three estimates and were able to compare price, product quality, reputation and customer service rather than going with the first sales rep they met?

  5. And you can’t forget the “Didn’t Fall for It” Award to the customer who didn’t fall for the high pressure approach to sign up and buy NOW because time was running out on the special “one day only” deal.


All kidding aside, being a savvy customer is very important when doing any type of work on your home, especially when it comes to replacement windows. There are different levels of products and very different approaches to sales. At one end of the spectrum are salespeople who will focus on getting you the best price possible no matter what. These sales people make the assumption that price is the only factor you think about when purchasing. It shouldn’t be, because the lowest possible price generally means inferior quality and often comes with no guarantees.

At the other end of the spectrum are salespeople that will sell you on how privileged you will be to own their windows (the envy of the community) and how you can’t put a price on their top-of- the-line products and service. Yet, somehow they manage to, and it’s higher than it should be.

People buy based on trust in a company, the quality of the product and customer service, along with a fair price. When it comes to buying replacement windows, you want them installed by a company that will answer your questions and provide guarantees. But, how can you tell the merits of a company? It’s very simple; the savvy consumer today has an enormous amount of resources at their disposal. You don’t need customer training classes if you do your homework.

Doing Your Homework: 6 Tips for Savvy Customers

Today, we can find out far more than we really need to know about most companies. Here are 6 tips for you, as the savvy consumer, to determine whether or not a company is worthy of your business:

  1. 1 – Ask them for referrals – if they won’t give you any, they’re not the company for you.
  2. 2 – Get your own referrals – ask people in your network if they’ve heard of the company. With social media it’s also easy to track down folks who have worked with, or know someone who has worked with, nearly any company.
  3. 3 – Look them up on places like Angie’s List and other “review” or “ratings” web sites.
  4. 4 – Check out their web site – Do they provide information about the company, their products and help educate you as a consumer? Or do they just sell sell sell and offer ridiculously slashed down prices?
  5. 5 – Contact the Better Business Bureau – if you find no reports, that’s good.
  6. 6 – Call them and talk to someone. Do they listen and answer your questions? Is there a sense of transparency? Or do they simply have a prepared sales pitch?

Customers can be more knowledgeable now than ever before. Be that savvy customer, armed with information, and don’t let some fast talking, “award winning” sales person outsmart you.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows, in the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area, call us at Kelemer Brothers (410) 299-0038. We’ll answer your questions.

Thank you – Josef Kelemer

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