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December 22, 2015
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February 5, 2016
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Have you ever hung up the phone or walked away from a conversation feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or just plain numb because the other party talked your ear off?  This is especially disconcerting when it is a sales person or an expert in their field intent on telling you whatever they know, whether you want to hear it or not.

Having expertise in a field, or being skilled at an activity comes with some level of responsibility.  It does not mean you must constantly demonstrate your expertise or abilities at all times.  The world’s heavyweight champion boxer does not go around knocking people out at random, simply to show off that he can.  Nor does a top surgeon spend hours at a party regaling attendees with a stitch by stitch detailed recap of her latest gall bladder removal, complete with slide show.

Wisdom, and When to Share It

Most skilled professionals, and experts, know when to provide expertise and when to hold back and let people inquire.  They recognize that wisdom is to be imparted not dumped upon others.  After more than twenty years in the window replacement business I could talk on the topic for hours, which might be appropriate if I was at a convention with my peers, but would certainly get me banned from cocktail parties and local social events.

Think about your own areas of expertise.  Are you that person who can’t stop telling everyone what you know?  Are you always selling yourself or your business? Or, are you approachable and invite others to engage with you?  I’ve seen people in this industry who give the hard sell time and time again.  They are not approachable. Personally, I’ve told my close friends and family that if I ever become that guy, to please let me know immediately and I’ll take a much needed vacation.

Finding the Right Amount

The truth be told, knowledge is somewhat like a window, you can open it all the way and get more wind than you want or you could open it a little bit to get a nice breeze.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when a vast amount knowledge is necessary, such as when you are lecturing or teaching a room full of students,  but not when trying to make home improvements.

When my brother and I meet new customers, we give them the short version of what we do and how long we’ve been doing it.  Then it’s up to the customer to let us know their needs and ask us what they want to know so that we can provide that breeze of expertise as it pertains to their needs.  We’re not trying to make you window replacement experts or confuse you with jargon, we’re simply trying to provide our expertise to meet your needs.

We strive to be “approachable experts” and not bombard you with information overload.   Let’s talk… I promise there will be no quiz at the end of the conversation!

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