“Winter is Coming,” Are You Prepared?

If you are among the millions of viewers of the HBO mega-hit series Game of Thrones, you are probably quite familiar with the phrase “Winter is Coming,” which is used very often to warn the people of the fictitious continent of Westeros, the coldest region of the north, that it is time to batten down the hatches and make preparations for the brutal weather ahead.

However, it’s not just the folks of Westeros that need to prepare for winter. Considering that last winter, the city of Baltimore saw nearly 40 inches of snow amid blistering cold temperatures and that just a few years ago (in the winter of 2009-2010) we endured 77 inches of snow in what was dubbed “Snowmaggedon,” the warning, “Winter is Coming” might also be quite appropriate for anyone living in the Baltimore / Washington area.

While the castles of Westeros can be fortunate enough to sit above hot springs to provide warmth, you may need to make other plans to keep your own castle warm during the upcoming winter months. You could start preparing now by installing replacement windows. There is still time to act quickly and have new replacement windows installed before the temperatures really start to drop.

Will it make a difference?

Over the years we’ve installed over 50,000 windows for homeowners, many of whom have told us that they feel warmer without drafts bringing cold air into their homes throughout the winter months. They’ve also appreciated the savings on their monthly heating bills.

How do our windows help keep you warm?

To make a complex explanation concise, here are a few of the basics; first we use vinyl frames that surround the glass to enhance the window’s performance. We then use multi pane windows which increase energy efficiency because the heat flow is resisted. Plus we insert a special type of gas in the spaces between the double paned windows to improve the overall thermal performance. We also utilize super spacers, which is the material that keeps the two panes apart while providing an air tight seal. The super spacers use a foam insulator to increase energy performance and reduce condensation along the glass perimeter.

In the end, you’ll appreciate a draft free winter with more heat remaining in your home and less nasty head colds or flu symptoms to deal with… not to mention less noise from snow plows or neighbors digging out their cars.

So, next spring, while you watch the new season of Game of Thrones, and you hear the frequent refrain, “Winter is coming,” you’ll be able to smile, knowing that you already heeded the warning by contacting us at Kelemer Brothers and having replacement windows installed.

-Joe Kelemer

(For Game of Thrones aficionados, no, we have no solution for the White Walkers, sorry!)

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